Cranleigh awards Music Scholarships to talented boys and girls for entry at 13+ and into the Sixth Form. There are no fixed quotas; the number and value of awards is wholly dependent of the strength of the field. Candidates at 13+ should aim to be approximately Associated Board Grade 6 level on their main instrument; Grade 8 for Sixth Form candidates. However, we are most interested in musical potential and candidates who have extensive musical experience and interest who have not yet reached these levels of instrumental proficiency should not be discouraged from applying. The award of a Scholarship includes free tuition on two instruments with singing too if appropriate. The offer of an award entitles parents to apply for a means-tested ‘top-up’ bursary to assist with school fees if necessary.

Parents of potential candidates are very much encouraged to make contact with the Director of Music from an early stage for an informal pre-audition to discuss potential suitability for an award application. Scholarship auditions take place in late January (November for 16+ candidates) and require performance on all studied instruments. Technical exercises, sight-reading and aural skills will also be assessed and there will be a short interview.

The life of a Music Scholar at Cranleigh is a very busy one. Scholars are expected to be deeply committed to their own personal musical development and to the musical life of the School. They are expected to sing in the Chapel Choir, to attend Concert Series events, participate in their own society, ‘Camerata’; in fact to take every opportunity to broaden their musical horizons and experiences. It is customary for Music Scholars to take one fewer academic subject in the Fourth and Fifth Forms in which extra time they undertake further supervised instrumental practice. Scholars also meet regularly with the Director of Music to discuss their individual progress. Music Scholars at Cranleigh are, however, not regarded in any way as a ‘breed apart’ and all sporting and extra-curricular activities are available to them. They are required to be highly motivated individuals.There are many talented musicians in the School who are not Music Scholars and every musical opportunity is available to them.