The advent of Spring this weekend brought a burst of colour, both on campus and in our wonderful remote learning classrooms.

Pupils across all year groups quickly got to grips with online lessons, starting with Callovers and carrying on throughout the day with classes, prep Tutor time and even virtual Chapel. 

In true Cranleighan form there’s plenty of time for music, drama and even sport. Mr Saxel has set up a daily spotify playlist to introduce pupils to new classics. Mr Scott has shared a live-stream feed so they can watch National Theatre shows. Rev. Lewis and Mr Chisholm have a Chapel podcast and Mr Brearley is sharing exercise regimes.

In other sport news there’s a daily indoor Olympics challenge doing the rounds of the houses, as well as Mr Leamon’s splendid daily fun post with jokes, facts and a good look at some art and museums online.

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Not sure we like the stairwell bobsleigh challenge but we’re very proud of our pupils, as well as the staff who support them. At the Spring Equinox it’s all a reminder that while our lives seem currently on hold, the world keeps on turning and Cranleighans keep being Cranleighans.