We’re pleased to report that A-Level results in the non-examination year are mainly consistent with expected levels of achievement, with 77 per cent of grades at A*-B and an overall pass rate of 99.7 per cent.

The Government was forced to cancel all summer exams as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which meant pupils were required to participate in remote learning programmes rather than study at school. As a consequence, grades awarded this year were based on a combination of teacher assessment, class ranking and the past performance of pupils and their schools.

Ofqual reported that a majority of teacher-calculated grades were unchanged by the Ofqual process, showing that centre assessed grades (CAGs) have been as robust as exam grading. Those individuals affected by the additional national statistical moderation will be supported through the complex appeals process.

We feel deeply sorry for all those pupils who worked so hard for exams this year and did not get their chance to take them as planned. We’re pleased that these results are commensurate with what we had hoped and expected for this year group, which has shown such resilience and positive attitude in the face of everything that has happened to change their plans. Almost 40 per cent of students gained A*/A in two or more subjects, with over 60% achieving all A*-B.

Before the lockdown commenced in March, Cranleigh announced another excellent set of Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) results for the same year group. Most Sixth Formers at Cranleigh take an EPQ alongside studying for three A Levels. This year’s results were outstanding, with 81% of all EPQs graded at A*-B in the assessment window before lockdown.

The students who collected their results today are already focusing on their futures and most have had their university places confirmed.