Lower Sixth Geographers embarked on our first learning experience beyond the walls of the van Hasselt Centre since Michaelmas 2019!

In glorious British summer sunshine at West Wittering, the students enjoyed a walk-and-talk around East Head spit and the salt marsh, applying their knowledge on coastal landscape systems from lessons to the real world.

This was followed by the opportunity to practice a variety of fieldwork methods in advance of the students beginning their NEA coursework module next term. This included measuring beach profiles, assessing the quality of coastal management, counting wave frequency and even using oranges to measure the rates of longshore drift. To finish, the students even got time for a quick ice cream before the trip back to Cranleigh.


The following day the same group of students ventured into Guildford to practice a variety of Human Geography fieldwork methods, using some of the latest technology to collect their data on smartphones and iPads.

Both days proved very useful for the students in developing their practical skills in advance of the coursework next year, and it was lovely to get out and about in the real world once again.