This is the first time since 2019 that GCSEs and A Levels have been assessed by external examinations, which may be adding worry to an already stressful time.

For some of our pupils, the looming results days may be causing anxiety. This may be especially true for A Level students, given the increased pressure caused by limited university places and the need to achieve ever higher results to make the courses they want to study. Current articles in the media are not helping to allay concerns.

Anyone feeling nervous about the next two Thursdays should take heart. Feeling anxious is absolutely normal and if you’re feeling uncertain and unsettled, try to think about why and look at how you can manage it.

Not getting the results you wanted won’t be disastrous. Staff will be on hand to help you navigate clearing, next steps and new plans. But it’s helpful to have a Plan B in place just in case. Is there another university you liked the look of? A different course?  Or might you want to take a year out and re-apply?

If you’re nervous about the life change involved in starting a new college or university, spend some time really looking at what’s on offer there. What clubs and societies can you get involved with? What activities and sports are offered? Is there a reading list you could start? A bus route you need to know? Familiarising yourself with what’s coming next will help to allay any uncertainty.

Before results day, share your plans and ideas with others, it will help you get excited about the next life stage. But once you’ve planned for different outcomes, get busy with other things, see friends and enjoy the summer. If you’re really struggling with anxiety try some simple breathing techniques, such as breathing in for four seconds, holding for four seconds, then breathing out for four seconds and holding for four seconds again.

Above all, remember these are your grades and your goals. It’s a huge achievement to have studied for and taken academic subjects but your development as people is so much more than that. It might feel like everyone is talking about grades right now, but it won’t be for long. You’ve come through a lot and I offer my sincere thanks and respect for your unrelenting ability to ride out these storms, support each other and stay focused on the tasks at hand. So celebrate what you’ve achieved and take on the next life stage with the grit and resilience we’ve come to expect from Cranleighans. You’ve all got this.

Finding out your results
This summer, results for A Levels and AS Levels are released on Thursday 18 August 2022 at 8am and results for GCSEs are released on Thursday 25th August at 8am.  We no longer produce hard copies, results appear on the pupil portal which can be found at:  Login to the pupil portal using your school credentials, click on ‘Exams’ on the left hand menu then click ‘View My Examination Results’.