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Upper Sixth artists had a busy day in London this week visiting four varied and, at times, difficult exhibitions. First visit was to view the English Romantic painter Paul Nash at Tate Britain. The exhibition successfully sought to highlight the impact that two world wars had made on his output. The four artists in the Turner Prize exhibition were altogether different, with a mix of installation, photography and sculpture being thewaiting-for-paul-nash_800 main media. These works had impact and intrigue but didn’t always give away their meanings easily.

At the Photographer’s gallery we saw two exhibitions, one of feminist avante garde work from the 1970s which included well known artists such as Cindy Sherman alongside much less familiar but just as impactful pieces. On the top floor a show by contemporary artist Simon Fugiwara was powerful in mixing ideas about personal image, truth and the role of the media in modern-day life. The sixth form art students enjoyed making connections with the work.

James Nairne
Director of Art

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