VEX Robotics teams 18650D and 18650E represented Cranleigh School at the National Finals in Telford on the 3rd and 4th March. Team 18650D qualified for the nationals by winning a regional event whilst 18650E qualified via their top 20 national skills ranking.

The aim of the game is to score the yellow disks in the high and low goals, turn the outer rollers to your team’s colour (red or blue) and cover as many floor tiles as possible at the end of the game.

For the teamwork aspect of the competition, both teams played twelve action packed qualification matches over the two days with team 18650D winning seven of their matches to qualify 10th in the Brunel division and 18650E winning six of their matches to qualify 14th in the Lovelace division. Both teams formed the 8th ranked alliance in each of their respective divisions and faced the 9th ranked alliance in the round of sixteen first round knockout matches. Unfortunately, these matches proved to be the last for both teams. Team 18650E lost out on a place in the quarter finals by 70 points to 33 and Team 18650D were eliminated via technical disqualification after their robot accidentally expanded beyond the field perimeter just as they were set to win the match.

For the Robot Skills aspect of the competition, both teams were placed in the top 15 out of the 60 teams competing at the national finals. Robot skills is all about scoring points as the only robot on the field. Teams are able to complete six 60-second timed runs (three programmed and three driver-controlled) to post their best score. Their highest programmed score is combined with their highest driver score to give them a skills total. Team 18650D posted a season’s best high score of 132 (33 programmed and 99 driver) to take 9th spot, whilst Team 18650E also posted a season’s best high score of 118 (43 programmed and 75 driver). A huge well done to both teams involved.