During the summer term Fourth Form drama students worked towards their Bronze level Arts Award, a nationally recognised qualification which seeks to get students thinking independently with an emphasis on their creative skills.

Run by Trinity College London, this award is offered from Bronze through to Gold in a similar way to that of DofE. Students were encouraged to develop their skills in a chosen art form, which ranged from acting to costume and lighting design.

The students were split into groups and tasked with devising an original performance using the style Theatre in Education, aimed at delivering a message to an audience of their age group. Together they worked on taking well known Grimm’s fairy tales and adding a modern spin to the classic stories in order to communicate their morals. These ranged from a modernised version of The Juniper Tree, based on addiction to social media, to Rumpelstiltskin with a focus on bullying and cheating in exams.

Alongside the practical work which was performed in June, students also had to produce a portfolio in which they outlined the development of their chosen skill. They also conducted independent research into an influential person within the dramatic industry. In addition they were asked to review productions they had seen and teach someone a new skill such as drama warm ups, musical instruments and knitting.

As a department we were thrilled with the quality of work produced by the students, which was echoed by the visiting moderator who was thoroughly impressed with the level of detail and presentation in the portfolios. Congratulations to all 67 students who passed their Arts Award!