On Wednesday 26th October our Sixth Form Drama students took part in a verbatim workshop run by The Paper Birds Theatre Company. Their productions focus on socio-political issues which incorporate the use of verbatim to bring a ‘voice to the voiceless’ painting powerful and very human alternative social commentaries.

By incorporating physical movement, motifs and projection into their productions they are able to create a visual impact on the audience which ensures they engage with their work beyond the words.

Our students, who are currently working on verbatim as a style of theatre, enjoyed the opportunity to better understand the devising process. The Lower Sixth are currently being introduced to devising docudrama in lessons while the Upper Sixth have begun work on their final practical exam, which will use this theatre company as their stylistic influence.

The students spent the afternoon completing a series of exercises which eventually combined to form a final poignant performance based on the Grenfell tower disaster with the question ‘is everyone in Britain equal?’ at its centre.

They certainly gained a lot from the experience and quickly realised that the simplest movements or sentences can be full of meaning when tied to particular emotions or events.