Since releasing his first mix to SoundCloud back in July 2020, Adam has produced a collection of stunningly crafted EDM mixes and remixes. Adam is in the Lower Fifth – a pianist and guitarist, and studying GCSE Music. We encourage you to listen to his music on SoundCloud. His latest release, “Nothing”, is a chilled and atmospheric composition that offers some much-needed sense of space.

Adam has uses the professional music production software Ableton, the go-to platform for some of the world’s top DJs, producers and live artists. Many of his tracks make use of individual samples and a cappella vocals, combined with a software synth – Serum. 

One of his most-played mixes is a remix of Jonas Aden’s ‘Late at Night’. His remix takes the vocals to a completely new environment and offers up sonic textures that make us long for the days where music can be shared with euphoria again.