A team of nine pupils from Cranleigh journey up to Haileybury College last weekend to represent the countries of Japan and Mongolia in the worlds largest Model UN event.  The pupils from Cranleigh have been expertly led by Ozzy L., who had the vision and drive to lead this initiative and prepare a team that could stand up to the challenge of the many debates and discussion that a Model UN conference entails.  The teams were into the thick of it upon arrival, lobbying hard to get their resolutions through the approval stage.  Ozzy managed to team up with the delegate from France in the Economic and Social Committee, merging their resolutions which were successfully passed the following morning.  Meanwhile in the Special Political Committee, Ben L. and Charlie M. were regular speakers, holding the other countries delegations to account to the amendments that were being put forward.

As the event continued, Cranleigh pupils were seen making friends and enjoying the cut and thrust of the debating sessions in committees.  In the Human Rights Committee, Alex R. and Maisey Z. were involved in some heated discussions over a range of controversial rights issues.  Theo S. held his own representing Japan in the Eco Committee, following from his good work at the Model COP event back in November.  In the Disarmament Committee, Alex S. was strategically positioned next to the main podium, allowing him to be a regular contributor from the floor for Mongolia, whilst Brandon G. did some sterling work for Japan, managing to single-handedly get his draft resolution approved.  Brandon was also awarded the highly commended certificate in the Disarmament Committee in the final ceremony for his endeavours. 

This was a fantastic pupil led event and the team are very much looking forward to getting involved with a number of other Model UN events next academic year.