Lower Sixth Politics students embarked on a trip up to Westminster on Tuesday to gain first hand knowledge and experience of the branches of government in the UK. The group started with a full tour of Parliament itself, with an opportunity to stand at the dispatch boxes in the House of Commons as well as experiencing the grandeur of the Lords Chamber only a few days after Prince Charles had presided over the state opening of Parliament. The tour also took students through the former chamber in St Stephens hall, along with the voting lobbies, whips offices and Westminster Hall itself. 

The group were then introduced to Sir Bill Wiggin MP, who represents North Herefordshire in the Commons. Sir Bill hosted an extremely interesting Q&A session with pupils, answering questions on a range of topics from his day to day workings, position on Brexit and whether he felt the Conservative party would lose the next election following recent scandals. Students then made the journey up from Parliament to the government offices of Whitehall, stopping at Downing Street briefly, before having lunch at Trafalgar Square. The final branch of government, The Supreme Court, was the final stop of the day, with pupils having the opportunity to sit in the courtroom used by senior judges for some of the most important constitutional cases that the UK has seen in recent years.