On Wednesday 28th November, Sixth Form Students of Spanish and various members of staff gathered in Señorita Shairp’s classroom for the annual Spanish Sixth Form evening. This year it was given the title of ‘¡Viva la revolución!’ and aimed to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of both the Mexican and Cuban Revolutions. Students practised their Spanish pronunciation and public speaking skills as they took to the stage to give well-researched and detailed presentations on various aspects of these turning points in history.

The presentations included those on famous figures such as Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and Porfirio Díaz. We learnt about the origins and reasons behind the two revolutions, and Hugo Puddle, Ruby Dickson and Alice Isted gave a thorough account of what Cuba is like today. The presentations were interspersed with readings from famous revolutionary speeches, performed by the Lower Sixth AS level cohort, with Harvey Stiles giving a stand out performance of Fidel Castro’sfamous ‘¿Qué es revolución?’.

The evening started and ended with our two fantastic hosts, Lotty Cunningham and Pierre Blot, and once all presentations had been heard, we enjoyed conversation in Spanish whilst tasting Señora Bigg’s exquisite ‘panqueques con dulce de leche’.