13+ Admissions

Entry at 13+ is normally via Common Entrance or as an Academic Award holder, although separate provision is made for candidates not being prepared specifically for Common Entrance.

The Senior School admissions process is changing for applicants from 2018 onwards.  For 2018 applicants Holistic Interview and Assessment Days will take place during October and November 2016.  For 2019 these will take place in January 2017. Our intention is not to pre-test but we will be including a short written English assessment in our Holistic Review as well as a Maths Challenge.  However, the Prep School Headmaster’s reference and the one-to-one interview will continue to play the largest part in our decision to make an offer of a place. Prospective parents are welcome to meet the Headmaster and have a tour of the School at any time.

Registration forms are available to download or from the Admissions Office. Telephone 01483 276377 or email admissions@cranleigh.org

The School offers Academic, Music, Art, Design, Drama, All Rounder and Eric Abbott Awards (please see below for full details of each Award, including the selection procedure in each case).  Applications for Awards should be discussed with a child’s current Head, from whom application forms can be obtained.

Value of Awards

All Scholarships are worth a 5% fee remission and may be supplemented by means tested top-up bursaries up to a 100% where necessary and appropriate. The top Academic and top All-Round candidate will each be awarded a one-third fee remission.

Means testing will be required prior to any assessments for candidates who might require a top-up bursary in order to take up a place at Cranleigh.

Music Scholars additionally receive free instrumental (including singing) lessons on at least two instruments. If a Scholar, following consultation with the Director of Music, has lessons with an external instrumental teacher, lessons will be subsidised at no more than the Cranleigh School rate.

Academic Awards

Academic Scholarships will be awarded as a result of success in the Common Academic Scholarship papers taken in May. In addition, candidates will have a series of interviews to ascertain potential. The top Academic Scholarship candidate will be awarded the Sapte Academic Award worth one-third of the fees.

Academic Exhibitions will be awarded to worthy candidates. These will not qualify for a fee remission but a certificate and book token will be forwarded to Prep Schools to award at their Speech Day or Prize Giving.

Music Awards

The Music Award examination consists of an audition and interviews. Candidates should be of good Grade 5/6 standard on at least one instrument.
A Music Award is made after auditions, which should include the performance of two contrasting works on a candidate’s first instrument. Where a second instrument is offered, one piece is required for performance. Singing is welcomed and encouraged.
Candidates are required to perform (on their first instrument only) scales, arpeggios and sight reading. Aural tests appropriate to their standard will be given and candidates’ general musicianship and interests assessed.

Music Scholars are required to take a full and active part in the School’s musical activities, both choral and instrumental.
Music Exhibitions will be awarded alongside the Music Scholarships to worthy candidates. Such Exhibitions do not attract a fee remission but the cost of instrumental lessons is subsidised.

Music Scholars must choose the subject as a Year 9 option.

The Director of Music is always delighted to meet and advise prospective candidates.

Art Awards

Candidates will be required to submit a portfolio of selected work from the previous two years. This should include personal work produced by the candidate in their own time as well as work produced in school, art clubs or holiday courses. Evidence of a wide variety of approaches is encouraged. It is hoped that much of the work submitted will be exploratory, experimental and drawing-based – a good deal of which might be suitable for submission in a sketchbook. We are looking for the ability to produce not only sustained work from first-hand observation, but also imaginative, thoughtful and creative responses in a variety of media. Candidates will be invited for a half day assessment, which will require candidates to produce a piece of mixed-media work on paper based on the observation of a chosen subject – very often a themed still life. The task will be introduced and explained. Candidates will be encouraged to tackle the task to show their skills in drawing and sensitivity to the basic elements of art and design (line, tone, colour, pattern, texture etc) through a considered composition and the creative use of media. Additionally the candidates will be interviewed and so have an opportunity to talk about their work, developing interests and any artists or designers that they admire. Candidates for Art Awards are also expected to sit either the Academic Awards or the Common Entrance examinations.

Design Award

The School offers one Design Scholarship. Candidates wishing to be considered for a Design Scholarship will submit a portfolio which illustrates their skills in the following:  sketching, technical drawing, manufacturing/making and modelling.  Design sheets demonstrating an understanding and use of the design process and problem solving, alongside good quality photographs of the pupil’s projects may also be included. They should bring with them to the assessment an example of previous or current design work.

Design Scholars must choose the subject as a Year 9 option and continue to take the subject to GCSE.

Drama Awards

Up to two Drama Scholarships will be awarded each year at 13+. Candidates will be invited to attend a half-day assessment where they will join a group workshop for which no preparation is necessary. They will then perform a prepared monologue of their own choice of no more than three minutes in length.

Drama scholars would be expected to audition for relevant Drama productions alongside all other students and should not assume that this scholarship is a guarantee of a major part in School or House productions.

Drama Scholars must choose the subject as a Year 9 option.

Eric Abbott Awards for Sporting Excellence

All applicants will be considered on a case by case basis but candidates applying for an Eric Abbott Award will demonstrate excellence in their chosen sport and the general criteria on which this will be judged is set out below:

Current representative honours are not essential but we would expect that applicants would show the potential to go on to gain selection for their county or region or national side. They might already be part of an elite academy but this is not essential.

Applicants will be playing at least at County Age Group team level.

Applicants should be at least of a county age group/EPP standard and able to demonstrate the skills of a cricketer who is towards the upper end of their county age group programme.

Applicants should be members of an Elite Satellite Academy or of equivalent standard if they have not been nominated for this before the assessment.

We will consider candidates pursuing other sports (eg swimming, riding, athletics, tennis) but would require relevant evidence of excellence.

Candidates in any sport should have good athleticism, a good work ethic and demonstrate a strong desire to listen and learn.

All candidates will be required to attend an assessment. References from external coaches should be provided to support applications.

All Rounder Award

Applicants applying for two awards (from Academic, Art, Drama, Sport or Music) will automatically be considered for an All-Rounder Award . They will be of a strong academic standard (predicted 65%+ at CE or an Academic Scholarship Candidate) and will offer one area of strength which will be supported by at least one other area in which a candidate shows strong ability.

You no longer apply for these awards: they are awarded at the Headmaster’s discretion.

J. H. Sapte All Rounder Award
All Scholarship candidates, in which ever discipline, will be considered for the top J.H. Sapte All-Rounder Award which is awarded at the Headmaster’s discretion and will attract a fee remission of one-third of the fees.
In addition to their area of strength(s), the winner of the J H Sapte All-Rounder Award will be expected to gain at least 75% in CE or be an Academic Scholarship Candidate.

Dates of Examinations and Assessments

The examinations or assessments for entry in 2017 will take place as follows:
Academic Awards:
Tuesday 2nd May – Thursday 4th May 2017
Closing date for entries: Monday 6th March 2017

Eric Abbott and Drama :
Drama auditions: Thursday March 2nd 2017 from 2pm
Eric Abbott Award assessments: Friday 3rd March 2017
Closing date for entries:  Saturday 28th January 2017

Art Awards:
Saturday March 4th 2017
Portfolios should be submitted by Wednesday 22nd February 2017 (3D work by photo only)
Closing date for entries:  Saturday 28th January 2017

Design Awards:
Saturday March 4th 2017
Portfolios should be submitted by Wednesday 22nd February 2017 (3D work by photo only)
Closing date for entries:  Saturday 28th January 2017

Music Awards:
Monday 30th or Tuesday 31st January 2017
Closing date for entries: Friday 6th January 2017

Papers for all awards will be written at Cranleigh. Candidates for Academic Awards can be accommodated at School. Interviews will take place during the days of the examinations. The names of award winners will be communicated to preparatory school Heads by telephone as soon as possible. Parents are asked to confirm their acceptance of an award by return of post.

General Award Information

Candidates for other than Academic Awards will be required to take the Common Entrance examination, or otherwise demonstrate an acceptable academic standard.

It is expected that all awards will be held for the full period of a pupil’s career at Cranleigh, but they are conditional on high standards of attendance, diligence and behaviour on the pupil’s part and on parents treating the School and its staff reasonably. All awards made will be fees-linked: the award will be subject to the same percentage increase as the fees throughout the whole of a pupil’s school career. The awards will apply to boarding fees or day fees as appropriate. It is expected that boys and girls will be over 12 and under 14 years of age on 1st September 2016.