Applicants should live within a 30 mile radius of the main School gate. There will generally be a need to board and the preferred entry age is 11+ but where necessary it may be at any age and could be for a day place.

Possible reasons that may demonstrate a need for the pastoral care and support in the stable, secure and structured environment offered by Cranleigh are as follows:

  • The child has lost the support of one or both parents through exceptional or tragic circumstances.
  • The child has lost the support of one or both parents as a result of physical or mental illness.
  • The chronic mental or physical ill health of a sibling.
  • The disability of a sibling of sufficient severity to affect the care and development of other children in the family.
  • The abandonment or abuse of a child.
  • An orphan with guardians (e.g. elderly grandparents) who are unable to cope on a day-to-day basis.
  • An orphan with no guardian who may benefit from boarding rather than going into care.

The parents or guardians of candidates requesting a Foundation place will be required to undergo means testing via the full completion of financial circumstances forms.

The School also offers Bursaries to individuals who do not meet the criteria for a Foundation Bursary.