Registration Form

Early registration is recommended. Offers of places are subject to availability and the admission requirements of the School at the time offers are made. A copy of the School’s Terms and Conditions will be supplied on request.

Registrations are now closed for 11+ entry in 2021 to the Prep School.

How we will use the information provided in this form

This information will be used by the School during the admissions process. For example:

a) we may contact your child's current or previous school to ask for a reference;
b) we may contact other people with parental responsibility to check that they consent to your child joining the School;
c) information about special educational needs and medical conditions will be used to ensure that we have made any reasonable adjustments for your child when they visit the School or during any entrance assessments; and
d) we may share your information with credit reference agencies.
e) we may also need to share information with UKVI as explained above.

If your child is not offered a place, or if you do not accept the offer of a place, we will only retain this information for as long as we need to. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, information is kept for a year after the end of the admissions process.

If your child joins the School we will use the information on this form in accordance with our privacy notice for pupils and our privacy notice for parents. Both of these documents will be provided to you before your child enters the School and are published on the School's website.