On Saturday afternoon the CCF set off to Longmoor Military Training Area for Exercise Cold Start.

This was a platoon level exercise designed to give the younger cadets some experience of blank firing and battle drills in a more realistic situation than is possible during routine training, as well as an opportunity to practise the skills they had been taught for field living. 

At the same time the Sixth Form had an opportunity to develop their tactical and leadership skills by acting as Section Commanders.

The weather was ideal, with the rain largely holding off and just a little light drizzle to keep things good and dark during the overnight recce patrols to locate enemy positions. Back in the harbour area everyone managed to get a few hours’ sleep, before being rudely awakened at 05:40 by an enemy counter attack. 

There then followed a series of deliberate attacks, building in scale from simple skirmishing in pairs and culminating in a final platoon attack on the main enemy base. This was helped by additional fuel in the form of some left over “breakfast baps” kindly supplied by a Rifles company also out on the area. 

Being British, we of course won, both the conflict and the consumption of surplus sausage sandwiches.

A good time was, as they say, had by all, and everyone returned to school tired but having gained a lot from their experiences.

Many thanks to Capt Reed, Lt Lane and Lt Webb for coming out overnight and of course to Mr Bryant – the RSM – on this his final exercise with Cranleigh School before his retirement after 25 years as our SSI.

Major Simon Young
Contingent Commander
Cranleigh School CCF

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