On Friday afternoon of week 7, 53 members of the Cranleigh School CCF deployed for a night at Crowborough cadet training camp.

Once there, after being provided with an excellent Gurkha curry from the military chefs, the cadets were given a series of lessons utilising the available resources at the camp. There were a range of activities which included first aid, night navigation, night movement and Close Target Reconnaissance (CTR).

The next morning the new recruits and senior cadets split up, with the new recruits conducting a close target reconnaissance and causality evacuation which allowed them to use some of the skills they had learned the night before. Junior leaders were appointed to lead the patrol and leadership skills were developed. The seniors got to have a go on the range and fire rounds using the L98A1 cadet GP rifle, 17 Upper Fifth and Lower Sixth Cadets fired the grouping and zeroing shooting and attempted to gain shooting badges.

Huge thanks must go to Capt’s Reed and Money 2Lt’s Griffiths, Hopcroft, Winterbottom and Mr Walker for running the camp.