As the School departed for Long Leave the CCF formed up at the Outdoor Ed centre and set off to Longmoor camp for the first field day of the year – Ex Tiger Cub.

As a CCF we are cap badged Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment. They are known as “The Tigers” and the Cadets are called Tiger Cubs as part of the Regimental family.

As soon as we arrived at camp the Cadets went straight into supper in the dining hall (or scoff in the cookhouse, as it is called). A hearty meal was had by all before everyone deployed onto the training area to set up camp. The first activity was setting up camp; this involved putting up bashas (a tarp) to make a shelter shared with two Cadets.

As darkness fell it was time for the evening exercise. Cadets navigated around the woods to checkpoints where they collected codes. However, around the area senior Cadets were lying in wait, ready to ambush the recruits. All had great fun and it must be noted how well the students preformed as they stealthily read their maps.

The next day was an early start, and started back at the cookhouse for a full cooked breakfast and a warm up. Activities on Thursday included shooting, obstacle course and drill. Cadets got to shoot the Cadet Small Bore Rifle (CSBR) on the 25m range, and three marksmanship badges were earned: 1st Helsby, 2nd St Pier and 3rd to Walker who got the group of the day – 16mm.

Teamwork was worked on and tested over the obstacle course all successfully clearing 10 foot walls and overcoming fears as they scaled the cargo nets. With Remembrance coming up we also worked on our marching, which I am glad to say is starting to look very smart. It is safe to say all Cadets had a great time and I hope got a lot out of it.

Thanks to all the staff that came out to support and run stands.


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