On the 19th January 11 members travelled to use Christ’s Hospital’s indoor range. This was the second Sunday Cadets had given up to take advantage of this CCF activity.

Shoots included grouping and zeroing, where Cadets tried to get a small group aiming at the same spot on the target. This tests their marksmanship and all the skill taught are put into practise. They then move onto a decimal shoot, working in pair, one shooting and a partner using a spotting scope. Cadets shot two spotter rounds which were recorded by the coach. They could choose these to count or use this to adjust. They then shot two rounds at five targets, with a highest possible score of 100. Josh Bartels scored an impressive 90.

There was some great shooting with marksman badges going to Josh Bartels, Fin Galbraith, Jody Taylor and Ruari Barbour-Smith. Top score of the day was Felix Cookson with an impressive group of 8mm beating shooting captain Will St Pier with a group of 10mm.

Thank you to Major Reed and Lt Constable for giving up their time to coach the Cadets. Next shoot will be the Country life competition, and then firing the 5.56mm rifle at 300m on a military range.

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