On Wednesday 11th March the CCF were inspected by Colonel Ian Adkins as part of the biennial inspection process. With all the uncertainty surrounding the present world climate it was great to see 78 cadets on parade. The day started with the Senior Cadets CSM Fu, Sgt Taylor and Marshall entertaining the Colonel over a buffet lunch. After Lunch the Colonel and members of the Brigade Cadet Training Team made their way to the vHC carpark to inspect the Cadets. All were immaculately turned out, with polished boots and clean pressed uniform (even the Adult instructors looked smart!). The Colonel and Headmaster chatted to all of the cadets and were very impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication shown. The inspecting officer then walked around the grounds and watched the Cadets training, this included Paintballing Close Quarter Battle lesson, Bearings and pacing for navigation and a team building challenge. All of the training was run by the Senior cadets, with only minimal input from the adults.

We eagerly await the official report from Col Adkins but initial feedback on the visit was good.

That evening all of the Adult volunteers, Seniors, members of the SMT and distinguished guests were invited to the annual CCF Mess dinner. A huge thanks to the Headmaster, the Bursar, Dr Young and the old SSI, Mr Bryant for attending and making the evening a very special occasion.

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