Wednesday 8th September saw the first parade of the school year for the CCF and the first time we have been able to parade as a contingent for over 18 months. It was great to see so many new recruits and returning cadets. The Contingent has over 170 Cadets this year, which is the largest Contingent Cranleigh has had since the service became voluntary in 1967. This means that for the first time in decades, the Senior cadet can wear the rank of Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM), Ruari B-S. was pleasantly surprised and very proud to be promoted to the role of Senior Cadet and wear the rank on Wednesday. Many of the seniors were rewarded for their hard work last year, this was made even more difficult working through the COVID restrictions. Bryn S. was promoted to Cadet Colour Sargent (CSgt). Jake S., Liv B., Matilda B., Lea G. were all promoted to Cadet Sergeant and numerous promotions to Cadet Corporal were made. The future looks bright with 44 continuing in the Upper Fifth and beginning the ‘Advanced Infantry cadre’ and with 104 ‘New Recruits’ the Contingent should have a very strong batch of junior leaders for the next few years.  

Over the Summer the Contingent staff have been busy. Some have been away on courses and some working hard preparing facilities and equipment for this year. We have newly qualified staff in weapons instruction, obstacle course supervisors and rock climbing. We welcome three new adult volunteers, Mr Rayer, Miss Johnson and Miss Summers have all volunteered to help out this year. The old CCF woods has been reclaimed and will be a transformed over the year to become an outdoor training area and classroom.       

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