On Wednesday 13th October the CCF had the honour of hosting the Cranleigh and District branch of the Royal British Legion at the School.

The CCF and the RBL have officially affiliated, cementing the bond between the two organisations.

As the Cadets filed into the lecture theatre and RSM Ruari B-S. seated them all into the available space with military procession.

The Committee of the Legion, dressed with ex Service berets and medals eagerly awaited to greet them. Either side stood CSgt Bryn S. with the CCF banner and Mr Marcus Fleeson (electrician at School) with the RBL Standard.

Sgt Mathilda B. hosted the event and introduced Mr Nigel Warren-Green who gave a thought-provoking talk on the role of the RBL within the community, the importance of Remembrance and how we can work together.

He showed a photo of Cranleigh CCF in 1914, known then as OTC, on Summer Camp, the day before World War I broke out. 25 Cadets and one Master in the photo did not return home from the war and many others injured.

This definitely stuck a cord with the Cadets who could picture themselves there on camp, and a pin drop could be heard. 

Sgt B. then invited the Chairman Trevor Cobby to present the affiliation certificate to the Headmaster.

Mr Cobby thanked all the Cadets for their attendance and said how humbled he was to be here marking this historic event and that he did not know any other CCF units to have done it. He was grateful of the two years’ work that had happened in the background to make it happen.

Contingent Commander, Major Dan Reed, thanked the Chairman and thanked the Legion for all the work over the last 100 years and reminded the Cadets why we will all be on Parade on Remembrance Sunday.

The RSM presented the President with a CCF plaque and then organised the presentation of the badges to the Cadets. The Legion had produced badges for the Cadets to wear on their uniform to show they were now affiliated.

A truly military task to get the 175 Cadets through the presentation. A member of the Committee presented a badge to every Cadet and, although did not shake hands because of the Covid risk, took the time to speak to each of them.

Headmaster, Mr Martin Reader gave a passionate talk on why we must use this to carry on the importance of Remembrance and the badge was a sign of the older generation passing on the responsibility to the Cadets to ensure the sacrifices are not forgotten.

This was a historic event that was a privilege and an honour to organise.

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