Target Sprint is the new discipline from British Shooting which involves running and shooting.

Athletes run 400m, shoot 5 knockdown targets, run, shoot and finish with a run. First passed the line is the winner.  Its fun to compete in and fun to watch.

Over the last year and during lockdown Cranleigh and Charterhouse have been working to develop the sport. Both Schools keen to get it up and “running”.

On Sunday 7th November the Cranleigh team met up for our first ever Target Sprint fixture at Charterhouse.

The team was made up of 6 athletes, 4 boys and 2 girls. Ruari B-S (Capt), Bryn S, Josh B, Ozzy L, Emily R and Megan T.

The team were split into pairs. First up was Emily and Megan who were up against a strong Sixth Form pair from the opposition. Megan proved to be a great shot, especially as it was her first-time shooting standing up and came in with a time of 8m 40 secs.

Next up was Bryn and Josh, both came in with respectable times. Bryn, a power house on the track came in with the same time as Megan.

Last pair were Ruari and Ozzy. Ruari tore up the track before controlling his breathing and knocking down the targets with ease. Coming in with the fastest time so far of 6 mins 32 secs.

After a short break, each team chose their 2 best to compete head to head. Ruari and Megan for us v Jess and Lucas for them. Interesting and proves the point that shooting is a discipline for all sexes.

After a strong run from both teams they entered the range neck and neck. Ruari knocked down the 5 targets with 7 pellets leaving just behind the Charterhouse captain. Ground soon caught up, Ruari came to the range for the last time, 5 targets, 5 pellets and off for the final lap. An amazing time of 6 mins 2 secs. The new record. Megan shaved off 27 seconds of her previous time.

The event was finished with a relay involving the other four from each team. Parents and supporters really got involved and cheered on the team, which added to a fantastic atmosphere.

A well-deserved Howard Cup win for Charterhouse on the day and we look forward to hosting them for the return fixture.

After the fixture the team moved to the armoury for match tea and the traditional talk from each team’s captain. The Cadets from each team chatted and laughed together and formed friendships. It was great to see.

Ruari’s mother, Mrs B-S said “The new event was a big hit with the spectators! Thanks to Charterhouse for hosting so well and Cranleigh CCF staff for giving up your Sunday to make it happen.

Thanks to Miss McConnell-Wood for all the help getting this new sport of the ground and help managing the team, time keeping and scoring on the day.

Well done to both teams, it really was a fun exciting event that we will develop. 

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