Remembrance is an important week for everyone, and having Cadets in the school adds a bit of reality to it all. Looking at pictures of Cadets in the shooting team from 100 years ago, the only real difference, other than the photographs all being black and white, is the uniform.

For Cadets Remembrance week starts in October with drill practice, inspections and more drill practice. Cadets take pride in helping with background jobs: preparing the ceramic poppies to be planted by the Fourth Form during the annual Remembrance Chapel service, organising the selling of poppies around School, and more public appearances.

This year the Cadets have been helping out with a play about WW1 put on by the Ewhurst Players. Over two evenings they helped guests to their seats, sold raffle tickets and even handed out corned beef sandwiches.

The Cadets also helped to raise £3000 for PTSD Resolution; a charity that helps Soldiers and veterans suffering from PTSD. Many thanks to Hugo Bonsey who organised all of the seniors that helped.

Our new CCF banner arrived this month which meant CSgt Whalley had a lot of practice to do. Thanks to Mr Marcus Fleeson from the Works department who also carries the village RBL banner for helping. The banner had its first outing at the Schools Remembrance service on the Friday. During a very moving service the Schools Chaplain, Mr Tim Lewis, and CCF Padre blessed them which was very special.

Early on Sunday morning on the 11th November, 100 years after the end of WW1, around 80 Cranleigh Cadets formed up in the car park for last minute uniform adjustments and inspection. Once sized up they took their place in the parade at Church; the rain stopped and they marched smartly to the village war memorial from St Nicolas Church in Cranleigh.

At the memorial, the Cadets formed up and listened to the service as the names, ages and locations of all of the members of the village community who gave their lives in the Great War were read. At 11 o clock, a pin drop could have been heard as the community were silent for two minutes, followed by the realising of doves.

Thanks must go to Hugo Bonsey who laid the School Wreath, Ben Whalley who carried the Contingent Banner and the musicians who played at the service in uniform.

A very moving week for all, and one in which all Cadets should be proud of their effort. The school and parents certainly are.