Cranleigh China launched this week with a ground-breaking ceremony at the site of the first planned school in Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan province.

During the ceremony, at a traditional hakkas building in Luodia old town, pupils from Chengdu no.7 School sang Dream it Possible, along with a film of UK pupils singing the same song.

UK visitors, including Headmaster Martin Reader, visited Changsha Experimental School, where they were taught calligraphy. The school will be one of the feeder schools for Cranleigh China Changsha.

In China Cranleigh partners with The Cogdel Group, which currently operates five international high schools across the country.

Cranleigh China will act as franchise provider for Cranleigh China branded schools. These schools will adopt a similar ethos to Cranleigh, with particular emphasis on academic excellence, the creative curriculum and provision of an innovative co-curricular programme. Cranleigh China schools will focus on the final three years of education, A Levels and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), with a view to helping pupils to achieve UK and US university entrance.