After an unbeaten 2021-22 season at the regional level, the Cranleigh Changsha U18 Boys basketball team were one of the eight teams to qualify for the national finals in Shandong Province this summer.

After a stunning display to reach the semi-finals against the best team from Beijing, the boys were narrowly ousted in the final four by the eventual champions from Suzhou. However, to be recognized as one of the top four teams in the country is a remarkable achievement for what was the school’s first appearance in the competition.

Cranleigh students Frank L. and Joseph C. were also awarded individual prizes at the end of the tournament for most assists and most blocks, respectively.

On the night of 30th September, Grade 8 students at Cogdel Cranleigh School Changsha took part in a sleep out activity in a display of solidarity with the millions of people experiencing homelessness and displacement around the world. Over 20 students, along with teachers Mr. Braithwaite, Mr. Kachinske and Ms. Yuan, slept on the school football field in their own sleeping bags or under makeshift cardboard structures.

The sleep out experience was part of the IB Global Issues course, designed to raise awareness of the world’s most pressing problems, with the aim of guiding students to reach their own understanding of such issues and come up with their own creative solutions. They also learned the hardship of sleeping rough and that their own lives are considerably more fortunate than those of many other children in the world.

Students also took part in an activity introducing various facts, figures and new vocabulary related to poverty and homelessness, with a focus on India, which has the highest rate of child homelessness in the world. Afterwards, students were able to watch the award-winning ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ – a film depicting the hardships of life among the poverty-stricken citizens of India.

At the end of the evening, students commented that it wasn’t the most comfortable night’s sleep they ever had, but it was easily the most meaningful!