The Fourth Form have their own section of the House next to the Housemaster where (with their input) they are allocated into dorms of four, and these are changed on a regular basis (four or five times during the year). In the rest of the House the boys stay in dorms with their year group, but the year groups are then deliberately mixed up on the corridors. This helps to ensure that senior and junior boys mix well and any hierarchical structure is broken down, which is a key feature of Cubitt. The numbers of boys sharing in each room decreases as they get older: three in the Lower Fifth, two in the Upper Fifth and everyone (day or boarder) has his own study in the Sixth Form. Lower Fifth and Upper Fifth boys change rooms at the end of each term and SixthFormers will move studies. The day boys share with boarders and are distributed around the House so they are fully integrated.

The main common room spaces are the well-equipped games room, large TV/House room (large enough for whole-House callovers to take place each morning), computer room, separate Fourth Form TV/ computer room and, most importantly, Matron’s room. Matron’s room is at the heart of the House and is often a social hub with a large kitchen and a patio area leading out onto the South Field. This is an ideal venue for boys to relax, socialise and enjoy BBQs. There are three other well–equipped kitchens (moabs) located around the House for different year groups to use.



Cubitt is a boys’ house of 100 boarders and day boys which is situated in an attractive, convenient location at the front of the school, on the edge of the South Field and Sanny Lane.

Opened in 1961, it was the first new house to be created since the earliest days of the School and the first to be situated outside the main buildings. It was originally a purpose-built sanatorium, opened in 1880, which was paid for by Sir George Cubitt, one of the founders of the School and for many years a generous benefactor. This was extensively rebuilt prior to it becoming a boarding house.

When the house structure was changed in 1999-2000, Cubitt, whose colours were traditionally green, merged with 1&4 South. The house has been added to and modernised several times since then and from 2006 to 2008 was extended and fully refurbished. As well as a new wing, a new housemaster’s house, and a new front entrance, a wonderful sculpture was made by Cubitt pupils, which sits proudly in the newly-created house Quad.

Cubitt is linked with the girls’ house South.