Portrait Photo of Dan Reed
Job Title
Resident Deputy Housemaster
Joined Cranleigh
September 2012

Before Cranleigh I was a Commissioned Officer in the Army, holding the rank of Captain. I served for 8 years in The Royal Welsh, an Infantry Regiment based in Tidworth, Wiltshire. During my time in the military I served in Iraq and Afghanistan on Operational tours and also travelled to numerous countries on training exercises sports tours and peacekeeping missions. These include; Canada, Kenya, South Africa, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Malawi, USA, Costa Rica, Kuwait, Cyprus and New Zealand.  

An old housemate from Loughborough University; James Witcombe invited me to have a week of ‘work experience’ during my resettlement from the Army as he thought I would fit in to life at Cranleigh. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time and was offered a teaching role at Cranleigh not long after. This is my 7th academic year.

My role at Cranleigh is hectic, busy but fun. No two days are the same. I teach Design Engineering, I am Deputy HM of Loveday, Contingent Commander of the CCF, run the Ski team and assess DofE. I also coach rugby and cricket. 

What I like most about the Cranleigh community is the similarity to the Army; camaraderie, no two days being the same and working with a huge diversity of people.