Portrait Photo of Fred Bradley
Job Title
Web Developer & Assistant Housemaster (North)
Joined Cranleigh
November 2015

I had a career in Radio whilst also being Chair of the Student Radio Association. I spent over just over a year producing The National Student Radio Chart Show, broadcast from a different University each week. After that I was offered a job at Global Radio, who own Capital, LBC, Classic, RadioX, Gold, and… Heart: where I was a Producer on Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston & Harriet Scott. Most people are shocked when I explain that I had to get the train into work at 4am in the morning, to start at 5am! Walking across the River Thames as the sun is rising over St Paul’s Cathedral is a really special sight. It was the most amazing experience working closely with so many celebrities. I’m not really someone who gets “star struck”, but find a guy my age who isn’t a little impressed that you got to work with a Spice Girl every day. Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), will have a herbal tea at 7am, and has the most infectious smile I’ve ever encountered! There were some that were less than impressive, and others I felt embarrassed by: I once made Sir Michael Caine choke on his toast, because I spread too much peanut butter! I became a true radio geek, which was why I enjoyed my next post so much. A move to Smooth Radio. Less about celebrities, but the on air line up was star studded radio pros. Sure, pros my parents listened to when they were growing up rather than me, but star studded nonetheless. We’re talking true radio legends, like Kid Jensen, Simon Bates, Lynn Parsons, Emma B (the other one) and Pat Sharp (who really does have fun every day!!).

In 2013 the radio industry was contracting, Smooth Radio was bought out (by Global Radio) and I (as a freelance producer) was left with nowhere to go.

I had to make the decision between trying to tough it out in London with fierce competition on a really low salary and be away from my girlfriend, or move closer to Guildford with her and concentrate on the other thing I’m pretty good at – web development. I took on more and more freelance web development work, over a tough few years, then was asked to join a start up business by a former radio colleague, to develop a couple of projects for them.

Honestly, I wasn’t looking for a job! I was on my honeymoon at the time, and a recruiter found my email address – I think through my LinkedIn profile (get one VI Formers!) – and speculatively sent me the Cranleigh job spec. It was too good to turn down! I’m a huge advocate of boarding education, having spent my formative years at Worth Abbey and working at a huge boys boarding school in Sydney for a year. It was relatively local, it meant I didn’t have to commute to London. (In fact this new commute meant I was guaranteed a seat – my own driving seat!). I sneaked around work for the job interview and didn’t tell my former boss I was leaving until I knew I had the job! He wasn’t very happy, and made me write documentation solidly for all 4 weeks of my notice period! 

I have been at Cranleigh now for around 5 and a half years I think. It feels longer, because I’m settled – so much so, we moved into “the Ville” last autumn!

My role at Cranleigh… on paper or in reality? First and foremost I’m a web developer, looking after the external websites for both Senior and Prep Schools, and to a lesser extent Cranleigh Abu Dhabi’s site as well. I’ve led the two major redevelopment projects for both the Senior and Prep School websites. I also develop internal applications for the schools to use, most used (and my most favourite) is the Pastoral Module. Plus when the going gets tough all the IT Team chip in to do the general end user support tasks as well. (That’s anything from “my WiFi doesn’t work”, to “I dropped my iPad”). 

Sometimes the priority list changes like when COVID-19 came along and we were asked to build a web app that could manage all staff, pupil and parent travel plans. That then has to be turned around very quickly. 

But… for the last 3 years I’ve also been a Tutor in Cubitt – if I’m honest the favourite part of the job! (I was frustrated working in such a large boarding community and essentially doing a 9-5 job. That’s just not me.) Finally I’m also in the process of trying to start a student driven podcast – using the School’s priority time activity slot. 

It’s really difficult to say what I like most about our community without sounding really cliché. However the following words sum it up:

  • Diversity – the opportunities for everyone, staff and students, are amazing. 
  • Solving Challenges – there’s always something different around the corner that I can help find a solution for. 
  • Friendly Family – perhaps the most cliché of all, but it’s really true. The whole community, staff and students are really friendly and, as an employer, really supportive.