Job Title
Head Of Economics & Business Studies
Joined Cranleigh
September 2013

I joined Cranleigh School as one of the first Fourth Formers in West when it opened in 2001 and Mrs Allison was our Housemistress. After five very happy years at Cranleigh getting involved with as much on offer as possible, particularly sport and drama, I moved to Bath University to study Business Management. After leaving Bath University, I started a short stint in the marketing department at L’Oréal before beginning my dream job (staging and managing professional golf events on the European Tour and LPGA) at IMG. Seeing the world, after spending a great deal of time travelling with work, I wanted to put my roots down somewhere. Being heavily involved with the OC Society since leaving School and continuing to play OC hockey and netball, I still had strong links with Cranleigh and I found myself re-joining the community as a teacher of Economics and Business Studies in 2013.

I joined Cranleigh with a desire to give something back. During my time as a student I thrived in the environment, motivated by all that was on offer and encouraged by the passionate staff. I wanted an opportunity to lay some foundations here for my future and give something back. It’s a beautiful place to live and a place that is very close to my heart.

This is my seventh year at Cranleigh. As a member of the Common Room, I have been associated with three different houses including East, South (Non-residential Deputy Housemistress) and now part of the founding team responsible for Rhodes (Deputy Housemistress).

My role at Cranleigh is varied! That’s what I love about it. On any given day I can find myself supporting girls in the boarding house, out on the sports field fine-tuning skills and developing tactics, or in the classroom teaching subjects that I’m passionate about. Every day brings something new to the table and it always keeps you guessing. I spend my day being greeted by friendly faces around campus — students, bursarial staff and other teachers. Everyone supports each other in all that life brings with it.

What I like most about our community is the inclusivity. People who are part of it would drop anything to help and are constantly aware of those around them. During my time at Cranleigh I have made some incredible friendships and formed some relationships that will benefit me for life. I even met my husband whilst teaching at Cranleigh (Ed Carson)! I feel very fortunate that later this year we will be welcoming our first child into the Cranleigh community. Cranleigh brings a sense of optimism and enjoyment for all that life offers and a place where you feel secure, valued and optimistic.