Job Title
Head of Learning Support
Joined Cranleigh
September 2012

I joined Cranleigh after studying 3D design and crafts at Brighton University, qualifying as a goldsmith. From here I spent 2 years working in a high-end jeweller; producing, repairing and selling jewellery. After leaving retail, I embarked on a career at a boarding school for students with challenging behaviour and special educational needs, having worked as a youth worker whilst studying at university. Working on the pastoral side I led a boarding house helping to support these students with accessing curriculum, team sports and activities they would have been unable to access in a main-stream environment. This was a challenging yet incredibly rewarding role requiring significant patience, strength of character and team support. The highlight of my time here was teaching an 8-year-old autistic boy to read and building lasting relationships that he still has today.

Alongside working at the school, I also ran a holiday activities club for children aged between 3 and 12 years. Not without its challenges this was a great way to get active, involved and help children enjoy a range of activities whilst their parents worked. It was whilst working here that I learnt of Cranleigh School after applying to become their Design Technician. Visiting the School, I was hooked from day one. I was in awe of the opportunities, facilities and support offered to each student and I saw myself drawing all my skills into one united career path at last.

Eight years later and my role has developed significantly. After nearly four years supporting and then teaching in the Design Department I was asked to broaden my role and join the Learning Support team, and shortly before my maternity leave in 2018 where I welcomed by beautiful daughter, I made this a permanent and full time move.

Working in the learning support department is an incredible privilege. Each and every day is different and it provides such wonderful opportunities to get to the heart of the academic support we offer here at Cranleigh. I have forged some brilliant working relationships with departments and also work closely with admissions and prep schools on ensuring all teachers are aware of a student’s individual needs before they arrive at Cranleigh.

I am also honoured to be a tutor in West and look forward to tutor sessions and duty nights. There’s such a welcoming atmosphere in a boarding house, no problem is too small and no-one is ever left feeling isolated or alone.

Broadening this role, I am now Joint Head of Lower School PSHE, a position I greatly value. We have recently been at the forefront of delivering a brand-new look PSHE with greater emphasis on discussion-based learning. Students have greater opportunity to research further into areas of interest within the programme, whilst also ensuring we remain compliant with updated regulations and continue to be a leading school; delivering a PSHE programme that reflects and responds to current and ever-changing situations. 

It has, and continues to be a privilege to work at Cranleigh. I was overjoyed when my husband joined the Cranleigh Community soon after our wedding, cementing our family in the heart of this caring, kind and supportive community. I will never forget the numerous offers of a cuppa, collecting some shopping or help putting some washing on after we welcomed our daughter. Cranleigh is built on a foundation of people who truly care and look out for one another.