Job Title
Joined Cranleigh
January 2015

Before Cranleigh, I ran my own photography business, taking photos for businesses and families and teaching photography courses for kids & adults. A friend forwarded me the information about the photography position at Cranleigh and the role sounded exciting due to the different types of photographs required.

I’ve being capturing Cranleigh life since 2015. I work as one of the school photographers, taking photographs of the events, sports and daily school life. I also teach a photography club at the prep school.

I really enjoy photographing people when they are happy and at ease, and this is constant at Cranleigh. Whether I am photographing staff or students, it’s a great environment to work in. There have been so many highlights during my time working at Cranleigh! Everyday is a highlight as my work is so varied. From photographing the students doing their science experiments to capturing the Tongan Rugby team playing rugby with the students – it’s all good fun!

Not sure I can pick my favourite part about Cranleigh – I enjoy capturing all aspects of the Cranleighan life as it’s so varied. If I had to choose, photographing the school plays & musicals is so much fun; from the Year 3 Christmas extravaganza to the amazing Senior school productions. If I was approached by someone wanting to work at Cranleigh, I would tell them that the friendliness of the staff and students really stands out, and it’s wonderful to be able to capture it through the lens too.

To sum up Cranleigh in one word, I would say welcoming.

The best advice I have ever been given is “To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye and the heart. It’s a way of life.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson