Job Title
OC & Cranleigh Foundation Trustee
Joined Cranleigh
January 1980

My connection to Cranleigh is as an Old Cranleighan (2 North 1980-85) and as a trustee of the Cranleigh Foundation.

After leaving Cranleigh, I meandered towards starting my own commercial property development business via playing rugby in South Africa.

As I increasingly look back on my days at the School more fondly, I realise there was a whole team of gift horses that had been looked in the mouth whilst I was there. Having started my own business I became aware of several things; firstly, that my boarding school education had provided well for me in terms of broad learning and examples and encouragement of good-humoured resolve; secondly, in retrospect, time was eternal when I was at school.

One of the most startling aspects of Cranleigh was the wonderfully rich array of souls who surrounded us. Even more startling was which ones provided you with inspiration. The order and clarity of a Chemistry master, the humility of William Faulkner from a Rugby coach, the magnificent organ recitals from a wisp of a boy in the lower years.

I continue to enjoy the School when I visit in my capacity as trustee for the Cranleigh Foundation. I believe the Foundation is fundamentally important in two ways; firstly, to ground both the School in its many senses of place and in fond memory (for those who have attended and been involved in the school). By this, I mean grounded within Cranleigh School’s geography, its geology, its buildings, history and the constant renewal of tradition, ensuring permanence through legacy if you will. Secondly, to provide access and sanctuary to children in dire need who would benefit from the pastoral care and broad curriculum of education that the School offers. These two fundamental tenets of the work of the Foundation are inextricable and complementary. It is also why I have supported and served the Foundation as a trustee since its inception.