Job Title
Housemistress & PE Teacher
Joined Cranleigh
September 2018

Cranleigh is my fourth school, having previously been at Hurstpierpoint College for 10 years. My first school was KES Witley, then my husband and I went to teach in Australia for a year. We then returned to Sussex where we stayed until we came back Surrey to start at Cranleigh. Moving here was difficult for me as I had carved out my career and life at Hurst, but I knew that I wanted to continue to be part of boarding in a school that I had looked at as I grew up. Being part of opening a new house was too good an opportunity to miss.

It was mainly family that brought me to Cranleigh. We wanted to set our roots in Surrey as I grew up in this area and my family are still here. The other reason is my husband and I met working in a full boarding school, and boarding is what makes us tick as teachers. Schools are too quiet without the students in them.

I joined Cranleigh in September 2018, so this is my second year.

No day at is the same at Cranleigh. I have titles but they encompass so many things; Housemistress, teacher, sports coach, mum, confidant, problem solver and counsellor.

What I like most about the community is that it really is a community- not just saying it is. The place is filled with families young and old and we are part of the village which is so lovely. The community has an all in or all out feel, we are all in it together. I have been made to feel so welcome and my 8 week old son and 5 year old daughter have been welcomed into the community. I have been offered so much support as a colleague, and also as a friend.