Portrait Photo of Simon Young
Job Title
Head of Outdoor Education
Joined Cranleigh
October 1993

Prior to Cranleigh I was a research scientist working as a Postdoctoral Royal Society Fellow between the Natural History Museums in London and Brussels and the School of Earth Sciences at Birmingham University. This was a continuation of the work I had done on fossil molluscs (very dead snails) for my PhD, looking at the effects of climate change on faunal turnover in the Tertiary. Prior to this I did a Masters degree in Marine Biology at Bangor and my first degree in Geology at Sheffield.

I came to Cranleigh as it was a teaching job in an independent school which offered plenty of scope for me to enthuse about my interests in a lovely rural setting. I pitched up here in October 1993, thinking I would stay for a couple of years before moving on…..

The bulk of my timetable is Biology teaching, but I also run a small AS Geology course. Out of lessons I am Head of Outdoor education and look after DofE, climbing, expeditions, kayaking and fun stuff like that. I am also a tutor in West.

What I like the most about Cranleigh is the supportive family feel the community has and the way there room for every one to carve out their own niche.