Portrait Photo of Victoria Ingle
Job Title
OCS and Cranleigh Network Manager
Joined Cranleigh
August 2014

For almost 25 years I worked for the same branding and marketing company in London in various roles. For the last 10 years with them I ran the IT department. From there I went to work at a very high end Interior Design company in Chelsea as their Studio Manager and again was in charge of their IT as well as general running of the Studio.

I came to Cranleigh as the result of a desire to escape London and not to work in IT! As I looked for possibilities I came across the position at Cranleigh and jumped at the chance to work in such a beautiful place in such a varied role which allowed me to play to my strengths as well as develop some new ones. I have now been at Cranleigh 5 years and in many ways it feels like only yesterday that I arrived. Each year has been very different from the last with the constants of the regular events and publications forming a structure around which no two days are the same.

I look after the administration and day to day running of The Old Cranleighan Society. Among other things I put together the digital and printed publications, run the events and source and manage merchandise. A key part of what I do is look after the Network in terms of Careers and Mentoring and following the implementation of a new database/online portal, this now starting to take off.

Although I am responsible for the above success is only achieved as part of/with the help of a much wider team. The inner circle being the lovely ladies I share I an office with, and OC Chairman and School Archivist, Martin Williamson but there are outer circles who all make my role possible/easier/enjoyable, from Enterprises to Domestics to Reception to Catering – I love working in a community that works together in the way that Cranleigh does.