House Drama

Some of the best theatrical productions in the school year are the House Plays. Four Houses each year produce a House play, two in the Michaelmas term and two in the Lent term. These house plays are led by students, with student directors, designers and crew selecting plays, rehearsing and preparing the productions

The drama department encourages as many people as possible to get involved with house plays – especially those who may not have been able to commit to a full school production. Often house plays are a collection of small pieces allowing for a variety of styles and a large cast and crew. The house staff oversee the pupils’ work and may also get involved with the production.

House Plays are usually cast from both boys and girls, and can provide a fun and light-hearted introduction to drama for younger members of the school and sometimes a last chance to do some acting for a 1st XV prop who has always had a hankering to be on stage!


Recent productions include “Cabin Pressure” (East) and “The Arsonists” (North).

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