Production Arts

“The Producers” March 2012

At Cranleigh, anyone wanting to participate in Drama is equally welcome behind the scenes working in Production Arts. The Theatre Manager runs a large student crew who provide backstage support to all School productions and events, from the smallest House Play to the largest musical. This comprises pupils from the Fourth Form to the Upper Sixth and there is training in in all areas of lighting and sound, stage management, set construction, costume and makeup. More experienced pupils will start to produce their own designs and take key roles in the running of productions.

The department is also responsible for supporting those who wish to pursue design and technical elements for Academic Drama, helping GCSE and A-Level student with their Set, Lighting and Costume designs.  Please explore the site to learn more about our work.

Mark Jenkins (MRJ)
Theatre Manager


We teach basic stagecraft such as:

  • Parts of the theatre and stage
  • Theatre safety
  • Work at height
  • Use of tools
  • Painting techniques

We have a well-equipped workshop with all the tools you would expect to find in a professional theatre.


We teach:

  • Principles of Lighting
  • Lighting Design
  • Safe Rigging and Electrics
  • Focussing
  • Programming
  • Show Operation

Students choosing to submit a Lighting Design for GCSE Drama can develop their skills in a variety of theatre spaces on a wide range of equipment.

Our equipment stock is extensive and mainly comprises modern fixtures from ETC Lighting and Selecon.  We operate an industry-stand ETC Ion in the Speech Hall and a ETC Congo Kid in the studio for ease of training.

iLive T112 and Mac

Associate Lighting Designer: Hamish Ellis


We teach:

  • Microphones and mic placement
  • Mixing sound for live performances
  • Analogue and digital sound desks
  • Sound effect editing
  • Show control software

We work closely with Mr. George Royall (, Head of Contemporary Music, and assist with regular Cranleigh Live performances culminating in RocSoc in the summer term.

We operate a large sound system and stock a wide range of dynamic, condenser and radio microphones in support of school shows. Our main sound mixing desk is a digital console, the Allen and Heath iLive T112 supplemented by a smaller Allen and Heath desk, the Qu16. Our main PA and stage monitors are from Kv2 Audio and are augmented by an extensive stock of smaller speakers and equipment.

Associate Sound Engineers: Mike Hay, MHPS; George Veys, SFL Ltd.

Stage Management

Stage Management is led by Miss. Emma Wallis (ELW)

We teach:

  • Roles and Responsibities
  • Script Marking
  • “Calling” a show
  • Communications Etiquette
  • Prop sourcing and Props Making

Meet the Team

Mr. Mark Jenkins – Theatre Manager
Mark has been at Cranleigh since September 2008. Before coming to Cranleigh he worked as a resident Theatre Technician at the Almeida Theatre, London. Prior to this he was a Stage Showman on The Producers at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and also worked at many other venues including the Soho and Hampstead Theatres and the Roundhouse music venue at Chalk Farm.

Mark studied English Language and Literature at University College, Oxford and while a student began working on a casual basis for the Oxford Playhouse. This led to freelance work all over the South of England on festivals and large outdoor events and led to his early theatre employment at the Wyvern Theatre, Swindon before moving to London to work in the West End.

Mark is a Tutor in North House, works in Outdoor Education and is the School’s Fire Officer. In his spare time he enjoys shooting, chases rabbits with his two lurchers (Shadow and Annie), restores classic and military Land Rovers and continues to work as a freelance lighting engineer and production manager for the local Petworth Festival.

Miss Emma Wallis, Head of Stage Management

Emma teaches Physics and is a tutor in West House.  She studied Physics at Oxford University, and worked on a great number of shows as a student.  Recently she worked at the Edinburgh Festival as Stage Manager for Underbelly Venues.  She was recently Deputy Stage Manager on Book for ‘Les Miserables‘ (2016) and teaches students the black arts of running a show!


Technical Dogs
Shadow – Shadow is Mark’s 4yr old rescue lurcher who spends a lot of time in the workshop playing with the crew and escaping the theatre to chase squirrels.

Annie – Annie is Mark’s 3yr old rescue lurcher who spends most of her time annoying Shadow and eating rolls of gaffer tape.