17th November 2021 at 7:30 pm


18th November 2021 at 10:30 pm


Speech Hall, Cranleigh School, Horseshoe Lane


I will have poetry in my life.  And adventure.  And love.  Love above all.
Young Will Shakespeare has writer’s block… the deadline for his new play is fast approaching but he’s in desperate need of inspiration.

That is, until he finds his muse – Viola. This beautiful, passionate, young noblewoman is Will’s greatest admirer and will stop at nothing (including breaking the law) to appear in his next play.  Against a bustling background of mistaken identity, Queen Elizabeth I’s court, ruthless scheming and backstage theatrics, Will’s forbidden love for Viola quickly blossoms and inspires him to write Romeo and Juliet – the greatest love story of all time.

But how will it end happily?

I don’t know. It’s a mystery….

There will be an interval with refreshments.