J. A. M. Knight, BA (Hons)

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Jonathan Knight. OC. Early childhood in West Africa and the Caribbean. Studied Industrial Design Engineering at the Central School of Art and Design. Director of product design consultancy Knight Design Innovation. Chairman of British Standards Institute Committee, Innovation Management, IMS-1. Married with three sons. Interests: classic cars and photography.

A. J. Lye, BA

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Alison Lye. Married to an OC, 1 daughter and 1 son. Educated at St Catherine’s Bramley, St Edward’s Oxford and Exeter University (Modern Languages). Worked as an asset finance lawyer in The City. Interests: riding, running, tennis.

S. J. Watkinson, BSc, ACA

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Sam Watkinson. OC (Prep and Senior School), Durham University. Married with 3 children. Partner at SVG Capital focusing on Mid-Market Private Equity Buy Outs, Growth Capital and Co-Investment opportunities. Project Leader on Cranleigh Abu Dhabi. Interests cricket, hockey, golf and gardening.