Well done to everyone who entered the West House challenge to take a photograph on the theme of Lockdown through the Lens. 

We received some incredible photographs of weather, family, pets and hobbies and some really moving images that evoked the stark emotional states of lockdown.

Huge thanks to West parent and professional photographer, Mr Damian Bailey, for his thoughtful judging. You can click here to see his comments on the best entries.

Mr Bailey said: ‘I really enjoyed looking through all your photos as it reminded me of the old adage that the best camera is the one you have on you. Photography helps us to better see and interpret the world in which we live. You have an incredibly powerful and convenient camera in your pocket. Look up and use it!’

The winners in each category are published below. We hope to be able to display all the entries at school when we return.

Category One: The Photograph that best captures a specific feature of lockdown

Winner: Polly RD. ‘Lockdown Connection’

Category Two: Most Emotive Photograph

Winner: Amelia C. ‘Grandparents in Lockdown’

Category Three: Most Imaginative Photograph

Winner: Robbie M. ‘Phases of Lockdown’

Category Four: Most Technically Impressive

Winner: Jacqui B. ‘Untitled’

Category Five: Most visually appealing

Winner: Scarlett G. ‘Beach Walk’