Loveday House was built in 1981: the planning took two years and the current design took effect owing to the development team consulting widely with 20-30 other independent school Housemasters, asking them what worked well and what didn’t in their own Houses. Loveday, was the result.

The House is centred around a large, open-air Quad – the Wilson Quad – named after a previous Housemaster, the current Head of Cranleigh Abu Dhabi.

The House has many unique features, but key to its success is its atmosphere: it feels like an extension of a family home, with a natural integration of both day boys and boarders. There is a friendly, intimate feel, thanks partly to the architecture but also due to the fact that Loveday is founded on an ‘open door’ policy, welcoming all people who come to the House, whether they are attached or just visiting, equally.