Portrait Photo of Rob Lane


Mr R G LanePGCE, MEd, MEng

Mr Rob Lane joined Cranleigh in September 2009 as a Physics and Design teacher before taking over the running of the Physics Department in 2013. He is currently Housemaster of Loveday (the House in which he first tutored) and has worked as Non-Resident Deputy in East and Deputy in North for four years too. He coaches rugby, netball and athletics but has also been involved in hockey, CCF, the Beyond Cranleigh initiative and ran Butts for a while as well.


Deputy Housemaster

Mr D C ReedBA, MSc

Non Resident Assistant Housemaster

Mr R J O VenablesMA, PGCE

Resident Deputy Housemaster High Upfold

Mr J H W L Ladd Gibbon


Mrs D J Batstone

Loveday Matron

Miss E J Mifsud

High Upfold

Mrs L M Ruocco

Loveday Matron


Mr R R B Bellak

English Teacher

Mr R P Cootes

Graduate Assistant Classics

Mr D M Eaglestone

Head of Woodwind & Brass

Mrs E Glass

Teacher of Learning Support

Mr A J Guppy

History Teacher

Mr R C E K Kefford

Chemistry Teacher

Mr J P Nairne

Director of Art

Mr A S J Rothwell

Master of the Scholars

Mr T Wilson

Teacher of Geography