Portrait Photo of Dan Reed


Mr D C ReedBA, MSc

Mr Daniel Reed joined the Design department at Cranleigh in 2013 after eight years of service as an Officer in the Army. From January 2023 he took over as Housemaster for Loveday, having previously been Deputy Housemaster. Mr Reed graduated from Loughborough University with a degree in Industrial Design in 2002 and then stayed on to obtain a Masters in Marketing and Management, before going on to complete Officer’s Training at Sandhurst.


Deputy Housemaster

Mr M P D EmleyBA(Hons), QTS, MA (pending)

Non Resident Assistant Housemaster

Mr R J O VenablesMA, PGCE

Resident Deputy Housemaster High Upfold

Mr J H W L Ladd Gibbon


Mrs D J Batstone

Loveday Matron

Miss E J Mifsud

High Upfold

Mrs L M Ruocco

Loveday Matron


Mr J F M Andrews

Director of rugby

Mr B R T Backhouse

Graduate Chaplain's Assistant & Teacher of Economics

Mr R P Cootes

Graduate Assistant Classics

Miss K G Cummins

Learning Support Teacher

Mr A J Guppy

History Teacher

Mr R C E K Kefford

Chemistry Teacher

Mr J P Nairne

Director of Art

Mr J J Robinson

Head of Contemporary Music

Mr T Wilson

Teacher of Geography