Martin Reader, Chair of the Boarding Schools Association, gave several presentations on boarding to a gathered audience of Heads at the BSA’s Annual Conference in Brighton.

He praised the boarding environment for the time it provided to allow pupils to follow their passions: “When people question why our schools dominate the nations’ sports, creative and performing arts, the professions and politics, it is because they have had time to do those things and time with experts to coach them.

Why sit in a car or on a train or a bus for 45 minutes twice a day, or in a bedroom by yourself hunched over homework or a screen?  You could be spending those hours rehearsing for a play, having a band practice, spending more time mastering your musical instrument or your goal shooting technique, spending more hours perfecting that painting, debating or discussing politics or science or history – whatever is your passion.

In another speech, he applauded the transformative benefits of boarding, welcoming the announcement of a new scheme to place disadvantaged children into supportive environments. Mr Reader also made an announcement on behalf of all Boarding Schools, apologising to any former pupil who had suffered abuse within the boarding community.

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