On International Women’s Day and our first Sustainability Outreach Day with the West Surrey Partnership, we have been celebrating the Old Cranleighan businesswomen trailblazing sustainable companies.  

Catherine Conway is one of the leading voices campaigning on all aspects of reuse and zero waste. She launched her company Unpackaged in 2006 and has been spearheading the zero-waste retail movement for over a decade. 

Ellie MacKay is CEO and Founder of Ellipsis Earth Ltd., an organisation that uses the power of machine learning and aerial imaging to track waste deposits and find collaborative solutions to reduce or prevent them returning. 

And last but not least, Jeanine Hsu is an internationally renowned jewellery designer. Her own brand niin Limited uses re-purposed materials to create ethical and sustainable jewellery and accessories, and also runs a sustainability programme in The Philippines.



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