Cranleigh Network

The Cranleigh Network is a Careers for Life programme developed in partnership with the School and the Old Cranleighan Society. The Network is intended to help former pupils with practical support and resources throughout their careers, from school to university, into employment and through career change.

An area in which the OCS is particularly well positioned to help is in offering mentoring to those starting out in their chosen career. Using its ever increasing network we can align experienced professionals with young OC undergraduates so that the former can offer advice and insight into their chosen career.

Other functions of the Network include running CV workshops, seminars on interview techniques, university speed-dating (where recent OCs come back and share their university experience and offer advice), and careers fairs, where students get a chance to find out about a number of different potential careers from those who already have experience.

Recent OCs will be able to benefit from the above, but we hope you will also embrace the opportunity to take part as a mentor, a speaker, or some other way as your career progresses