Head of Department

Mr D J FutcherBSc, QTS

Effective use of computers and information technology is embedded throughout the School and supported by every pupil being issued with an iPad. For those wishing to study more deeply how computers work, we offer a 2-year AS level in Computer Science in the Sixth Form.

Studying for an AS in Computer Science will help develop a range of skills that will help you to participate in and drive forward an increasingly computer-driven world. This course explores the world of algorithms, data and computational thinking to enable you to understand not only current technology, but an unknown technological future around the corner.

Becoming literate in how the technical world works is equivalent to reading, writing and maths. We need to look at this fourth literacy as mainstream. If you don’t really understand how the digital world functions you’re really living in a world where you don’t have the creative and innovation skills that are going to be needed in the future economy.

Mark Surman, Executive Director of the Mozilla Foundation



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