Head of Department

Mrs U C YardleyBA, PGCE


Learning German at Cranleigh is accessible to all levels of learners and a very worth-while subject to study. Its grammar is very logical and follows predictable patterns which appeals to many students. The spelling and pronunciation is also very regular and a number of words of the English language have Germanic roots. Having completed an IGCSE or A Level in German will give students a competitive edge on the employment market where employers are looking for people with language skills. With Germany being an important trading partner of the UK, and playing a major role in the European Union, German is a very sought after language by employers. At university it can be studied on its own, in combination with another language or alongside other subjects like Economics, Business Studies, Politics, Sciences, Geography and many more.

Lower School

In the lower school, pupils will learn German from scratch although we will also cater for pupils who have some knowledge of German. All fours skill speaking, listening and reading are practised and developed using a variety of teaching methods. We use text books, online resources and ICT as well as role-plays and games to reinforce vocabulary and to learn grammar. Vocabulary is taught within the framework of topics which are relevant to the students. We also place emphasis on the knowledge of grammatical structures which help students to be able to formulate their own sentences and express their own opinions. At the end of a three-year study pupils will sit the Edexcel IGCSE German exam. In the past our exam results have been consistently high.

Upper School

Two-year A Level course

We follow the Edexcel specification. During the two-year course the students will broaden their vocabulary and knowledge of grammar as well as practise the four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. Students will be thoroughly immersed in the language and learn to use the language effectively to express ideas, develop an argument and to analyse and evaluate. Students will also learn about some social, cultural and historic aspects of German society.

In the first year of the A Level course the topics are based on some of the GCSE topics like the Environment, Education and the World of Work as well as Music, Media and Festivals. In addition we will study a popular German Film where we will look at the plot, the development of the characters and the techniques used by the film maker.

In the second year students will study other themes like immigration and the GDR as well as one German play. The play is a short, humorous piece which is easily accessible to our A Level students.

During the course, students will have weekly conversation lessons with our German language assistant, often one-to-one, to engage them in spontaneous conversations and increase their oral competency.

The final examination will comprise of a speaking exam, a listening, reading and translation paper and one exam on the film and play studied in class. Our A-Level results in the past have been consistently high.

Trips and Events

We have run cultural trips to Berlin, Vienna and the Christmas Markets in Aachen and we have helped to set up individual exchanges or work placements in Germany. At the end of Year 9 there is a food tasting session of a variety of German food items as the students would have just learned about it in class. In the Sixth Form, we organise quiz and presentation evenings.

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