2016 Speaker: Dr Adele Pennington

Each term an illustrated lecture is held at Cranleigh, given by someone who has undertaken an unusual and challenging adventure.In addition, once a term, members of the Sixth Form have the opportunity of attending an illustrated presentation in London at either the Alpine Club or the Royal Geographical Society.

Tom Avery – after whom the society is named. Tom’s first visit in November 2005 described his expedition to the South Pole, featured in his best-selling book, ‘Pole Dance’, and which made him the youngest and fastest person to reach it.  His second visit, four years later, focused on his record-breaking expedition to the North Pole in 2005, entitled ‘To the End of the Earth’

Dom Falkner – ‘Everestmax’ was a unique expedition to the highest point on Earth, Everest, having started at its lowest, the Dead Sea. This involved covering 5,000 miles by bicycle before the climbing even began!

Alistair Humphreys – During his 20’s Alistair cycled 45,000 miles through 60 countries to travel around the globe in four years.  He has described his extraordinary adventure in two popular books and continues to lecture widely.

Ken Hames – after a 25-year career in the Army, mostly with Special Forces, Ken produces and presents the ground-breaking television series Beyond Boundaries that involve helping the disabled to undertake challenging adventures.

Caroline Hamilton – Author of ‘To the Pole’, Caroline has led the first all-female team to walk to both the North and the South Poles.

David Gordon – ‘Gurkha Extreme: Mountains, Water and Ice’ told the story of a group of Gurkha soldiers who linked together three separate challenges: six marathons in six days in the Tropics, then canoeing from Bristol to London and finally crossing Greenland unsupported.

Brummie Stokes – Brummie became the third Briton to stand on the summit of Everest in 1976. After a life spent serving as an NCO in the SAS, he now runs a charity in Herefordshire for disabled and disadvantaged teenagers, ‘Taste for Adventure’.